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The Bug and the Owl

The owl ?loves to play with his friend. One time they played hide and seek together. Even one time when they were with their cousin they whispered, “We’re going to have some cookies at home without our cousin, and she’s going to be mad.” And then the cousin got mad because she wanted to hear so she said, “Can I hear? Tell me!” And both of them said, “No.” The end.

I painted the picture and on the first part I had to trace some of the outlines of the owl. Then the workers put wax on it. And then we painted it, and then we waited for it to dry and then when it was dry they made it into a little tube like a telescope and it has tape around it so it wouldn’t undo. And when we got home, we undid the tape and we saw our picture! This is called “batik.”

The Star is Shining Bright

Costa Rica is so beautiful, don’t you think? You know it’s a great day. Grandma Alli loves Costa Rica. Grandma Alli really enjoys the green. That’s what she likes about it. In our Costa Rica house, we have Rory cubes. Rory cubes are things that you roll and make a story about the pictures that show up on the dice. And we have a bathtub in our mom’s and dad’s room.

In this picture someone sees a star.