Me at the Horse Show

The horse show was very fun. I even got my arm painted with face paint.

And I got to see a snake show. In the snake show, one guy was holding a king cobra, and he was holding a python. And that’s all I remember of what the snake’s names were.

And some of the prizes I got were a sucker. And my sister got a sucker and art supplies. To get the prizes, I answered some questions about horses. In the puppet show, I saw a dinosaur and an orang utan, a horse, and I kind of remember an owl. I also ate some snowy ice, which looked like a snow cone, but tasted like ice cream.

Marie’s Bubble Bath

This bubble bath was so fun! When I went under the water, I tried not to peek so that mommy wouldn’t see me. And I tried to go in the middle of the bubbles without breaking them. It was just so so so fun. I loved it soooo much! ?I also took a bath today. But it was dirty today because we were running out of water.

Pip Squeak

This is my cute zuzu hamster. She’s a cute little girl. She loves making sounds. Her name is Pip Squeak. She is so cute. Don’t you think, in the picture? In real life, she’s white and blonde. And my sister’s is black and white. Do you have any?

Butterfly Saver

Grandma Alli, I heard that you wanted to hear about the butterflies I saved. So here it goes. It was hard to catch the butterflies, but they were so fun to get. And after I picked them up they would stick on me the whole time and never fly off, only when I flipped them off of my finger. And I really really really wanted them to go off when they got outside, but they wouldn’t. I don’t know why, but they’re sure a little scared. One was brown, one was gold, and one was green and brown, but I don’t remember the colors of the other ones. Goodbye.

My Pet Grasshopper

This grasshopper was in the house and I tried to pick him up. After a few times, he crawled on my hand, up my arm, into my hair, and even my eye. And after, when I was in the house, the last time when he jumped off, it was in the house in the kitchen. And I tried to pick him up again. But he crawled under the fridge. And when I came back, he was on top of the fridge. Then Daddy got it for me, and gave it to me. And then I put him outside.

The Star is Shining Bright

Costa Rica is so beautiful, don’t you think? You know it’s a great day. Grandma Alli loves Costa Rica. Grandma Alli really enjoys the green. That’s what she likes about it. In our Costa Rica house, we have Rory cubes. Rory cubes are things that you roll and make a story about the pictures that show up on the dice. And we have a bathtub in our mom’s and dad’s room.

In this picture someone sees a star.

Penguin Parade

Penguins always do their parade, and sometimes they swim. And they love doing the penguin parade. And these penguins are so happy. They’re always happy. Always. And they love doing their parade every day. The picture is the greatest today. They love their wishing well. How do they walk? Do they walk with duck feet? Or crab feet? Do they fly in the sky or do they stay on the ground? What do they eat? The penguins always laugh when they do their parade ’cause it’s so fun for them! And you always know if the penguins are gonna’ get you. The end.

Whistling Show

I whistle I Am A Child of God really well. It’s so fun, but sometimes I started laughing, and I tried to not laugh when I was practicing. It’s so pretty.

Emily’s Birthday

I love you Emily. So much. It’s fun to do a blog post for you. Don’t you love my picture that I drew?

Daddy is the one holding the umbrella. Daddy is holding the umbrella because he doesn’t want snow getting on his head. I am the one who has the blue coat and buttons. Mommy is the one who has the white coat with a little of white on it. It’s her tweedle jacket. Emily is the one that has the purple coat without buttons.

These are the words the people in the picture are saying:

The Mom: Sweetie! I love you! How are you doing?

Marie: Great!

Daddy: O.K. Sweetie, let’s go home cause it’s cold out here.

Marie: Happy Birthday!

Emily: Thank you! I’m surprised! I want presents!

Daddy: O.K. It’s cold out here, so we have to go home.

Marie: Oh wow! It’s really, really pretty here. I get to throw snowballs and everything. It’s fun in the snow and I love it!

Daddy: Oh, sweetie let’s go home. Arrhhg you’re not coming.

The girl in the hammock

I love you Emily. Maybe you should play stuffed animals with me a lot. You don’t play that very much. I just really love our house Emily. Hmmm…why are our baby ducks dying? I just love, love, love, you Emily so much. I want to hug you every day. I want to make stars every day too. That’s my favorite thing. I love drawing stars. I just love, love, love, strawberries. They’re my favorite fruit. We haven’t had corndogs for a really long time, and I really, really, really love Emily.

From, Marie