My Trip To New York

I am in New York! In the night there is garbage everywhere like it’s garbage day, with garbage bags everywhere, and in the day there are?none at all! We are going to a homeschooling conference, and it will be amazing! I am so excited. On the plane to get here we sat in?the back of the plane, and I?have a fear of?planes,?so I was scared. I have rashes on my arms, and I?don’t know how I?got them, but we went to a pharmacy, and they gave us some cream, and they are getting much better! It is interesting because New York does not have as many sky scrapers as I thought there would be in are part of the town. Since it’s a?big city I?thought there would be more sky scrapers. And there are?so many people! It is amazing. I really miss all my friends and family though. 🙁 I am really excited?for Halloween this year, and Christmas!

New York is also very hot and it has tons of buildings! I didn’t take any pictures of it yet. Oh, and I?got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is?a Chrome OS, and it is different then a Mac Book Air, but I will get used to it! I miss everyone!

The end.


by Marie.



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One Response to “My Trip To New York”

  1. May 23rd, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Mom says:

    I love to hear your thoughts Marie! We sure did have fun at that Unschooling Conference, didn’t we! New York did have sooo many people and lots of big buildings. Glad we could get that cream for your rashes, too. 🙂