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Aysia’s new dress

Aysia, got a new dress?because?she got potty?trained? The dress looks like a pretty princess fairy and it’s just meant for her. She also has a pink headband to match it. Every time she went to the toilet she got?chocolate. She loved it so much, but when she didn’t go in the toilet , she had to take a bath. She didn’t like taking a bath.?Eventually she was potty trained, and she got her new dress! I am so happy that Aysia is potty trained, and we will never have to change her?diaper?again, yay!??Aysia is such a sweet girl. Just to let you know, Aysia changed her name to Gerda. The name Gerda comes from the Snow?Queen movie. The Snow Queen is funny, you should watch it sometime.

?I made this blog post all by myself.?Do you like how I made all of the words rainbow? I think it’s pretty, what about you? I will show you a picture of Aysia. Here it is, look down. 🙂

You will see me on my next blog post, bye. 🙂

I made this blog post a day after Easter. :)

My New Haircut

This ?is my new haircut. My hair is so much easier to comb, and it is so

much cooler too. I love ?having a new haircut, and in the hair salon they

washed my hair too. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!

My New Stuffed Animal

She is so cute?and her name is Lena.?Lots of times, I let her sleep in my bed.?She is so soft and?cuddly.

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a?picture?of Lena

The Little Witch

Suzianna the witch was always happy. She even was happy one whole day. And she was happy 3 days in a row. She even gave her friend a gift and one?day she gave me a gift and it was so nice ?so I gave her one too.

The Fairy Post

This is at a party. It was so fun. I couldn’t frown; my face was filled with laughter.

This is the fairy giving me stuff. She is so nice.

She?even gave me a flower when we first got there. She was so nice!!

This is the time when we went home. It was so sad that we had to go home, boohoo.

Whistling Show

I whistle I Am A Child of God really well. It’s so fun, but sometimes I started laughing, and I tried to not laugh when I was practicing. It’s so pretty.

Emily’s Birthday

I love you Emily. So much. It’s fun to do a blog post for you. Don’t you love my picture that I drew?

Daddy is the one holding the umbrella. Daddy is holding the umbrella because he doesn’t want snow getting on his head. I am the one who has the blue coat and buttons. Mommy is the one who has the white coat with a little of white on it. It’s her tweedle jacket. Emily is the one that has the purple coat without buttons.

These are the words the people in the picture are saying:

The Mom: Sweetie! I love you! How are you doing?

Marie: Great!

Daddy: O.K. Sweetie, let’s go home cause it’s cold out here.

Marie: Happy Birthday!

Emily: Thank you! I’m surprised! I want presents!

Daddy: O.K. It’s cold out here, so we have to go home.

Marie: Oh wow! It’s really, really pretty here. I get to throw snowballs and everything. It’s fun in the snow and I love it!

Daddy: Oh, sweetie let’s go home. Arrhhg you’re not coming.

The girl in the hammock

I love you Emily. Maybe you should play stuffed animals with me a lot. You don’t play that very much. I just really love our house Emily. Hmmm…why are our baby ducks dying? I just love, love, love, you Emily so much. I want to hug you every day. I want to make stars every day too. That’s my favorite thing. I love drawing stars. I just love, love, love, strawberries. They’re my favorite fruit. We haven’t had corndogs for a really long time, and I really, really, really love Emily.

From, Marie

They all jumped in the plane

They said clean up that plane! Then the Mom said, “jump in the plane we’re going to ride. Wheeee!” Then the Mom said, “let’s go back home in the plane. This is gonna be fun. Wheeee! That’s gonna be really fun!” Then the Mom said, “O.K. we’re going to eat ice cream when we go home and watch a movie. Mmmmm! That’s gonna be yummy ice cream! I like it! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! That’s gonna be the goodest ever and it’s gonna be mmmm yummy in my tummy! We’re home! We can eat ice cream and we’re watching a movie. Mmmm, yummy in my tummy. Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” “It’s my favorite,” the Mom said. The Mom growled mmmm. They got out and shooted fireworks together! Then they did a fun time. They had a fun night and a fun time. It was their funnest day they ever heard. Then they were so happy they could have a really happy time. They even could stay up really late. They had a tummy ache of ice cream in their tummies. They were so full. The end.

I Love You

I’m writing on my blog and thanks for telling people about my blog Grandma Alli. You are so nice and I really love Kennedy and Ashley and I really love you and you are so nice and I really really want you to come someday and you should be so nice and I want you to visit and I really want to visit Utah too so we can visit you guys and I really love all the generations and you are so nice and I really want to visit and I’m writing on my blog for you and I’m gonna post on your blog. If you don’t have a blog I won’t.