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The Bug Family

This is the bug family.

The caterpillar loves his?friend Elly the snail.

One time Elly ran away, and the next day they shouted out, “Elly!?” and they?found her. Then Miss Butterfly saw the dragonfly flying by. Then the butterfly flew up into the sky and went into space and she floated and crashed into the moon. Then monsters came and chased her all the way home.

The end.

The Magic Sky

The swirls are magic. The swirls float in the sky and Marie made it and the girl right there is looking at the swirls. She has a blue genie on her shirt.

Pip Squeak

This is my cute zuzu hamster. She’s a cute little girl. She loves making sounds. Her name is Pip Squeak. She is so cute. Don’t you think, in the picture? In real life, she’s white and blonde. And my sister’s is black and white. Do you have any?

The Star is Shining Bright

Costa Rica is so beautiful, don’t you think? You know it’s a great day. Grandma Alli loves Costa Rica. Grandma Alli really enjoys the green. That’s what she likes about it. In our Costa Rica house, we have Rory cubes. Rory cubes are things that you roll and make a story about the pictures that show up on the dice. And we have a bathtub in our mom’s and dad’s room.

In this picture someone sees a star.

Penguin Parade

Penguins always do their parade, and sometimes they swim. And they love doing the penguin parade. And these penguins are so happy. They’re always happy. Always. And they love doing their parade every day. The picture is the greatest today. They love their wishing well. How do they walk? Do they walk with duck feet? Or crab feet? Do they fly in the sky or do they stay on the ground? What do they eat? The penguins always laugh when they do their parade ’cause it’s so fun for them! And you always know if the penguins are gonna’ get you. The end.