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My Trip To New York

I am in New York! In the night there is garbage everywhere like it’s garbage day, with garbage bags everywhere, and in the day there are?none at all! We are going to a homeschooling conference, and it will be amazing! I am so excited. On the plane to get here we sat in?the back of the plane, and I?have a fear of?planes,?so I was scared. I have rashes on my arms, and I?don’t know how I?got them, but we went to a pharmacy, and they gave us some cream, and they are getting much better! It is interesting because New York does not have as many sky scrapers as I thought there would be in are part of the town. Since it’s a?big city I?thought there would be more sky scrapers. And there are?so many people! It is amazing. I really miss all my friends and family though. 🙁 I am really excited?for Halloween this year, and Christmas!

New York is also very hot and it has tons of buildings! I didn’t take any pictures of it yet. Oh, and I?got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is?a Chrome OS, and it is different then a Mac Book Air, but I will get used to it! I miss everyone!

The end.


by Marie.