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Italy was so much fun. We saw the tower of Pisa. It was so fun! We even saw amazing churches. ?Sometimes I was so sweaty and sometimes I was cold in the hotel room. And some hotel roomes were really fancy. One was like a haunted house. We saw paintings that looked like they were 3d and looked like they were statues. The paintings were ?so cool.

We lit ?candles in a church. We saw a really big church and saw a lot of statues. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!

We also saw people covered in ash from a volcano, and a dead person as a mummy.

In Italy the gelato was really good and one time when I thought?Nutella?was Nutella ice cream but it was plain Nutella. I?didn’t?finish it?because?it made my?throat?sore?because?it was too sweet.