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My Short Cut

When you?touch the bottom of my hair, it?feels so soft. When I cut my hair, it made it look like my ears were?pointy.

I love my new haircut. Do you want to see a picture of it? I’ll show you it later which will be later in this blog post. Did any of you get a haircut on Monday?

I did.

I got my haircut on a date with my dad. It was fun. He got a hair cut too, but he didn’t like his?because it was too short. He could not make a pony

tail with it?anymore, so he was very sad. My haircut was really nice and now it is time for the………………………picture! Here is my picture:

Tada! Do you like it? I like it so much. Well I will see you on the next blog post. Bye.

The Seed

I planted a seed with Mom and Emily. It was so much fun. I put the dirt in and Mom put the seeds in. We put it in the sunshine everyday, and watered it. But it still didn’t grow yet. Here’s a picture of the plant.

My Ginger Bread House

I was having so much fun making a ginger bread house with Grandma Alli. It was so much fun making it.

And after I made it with Grandma Alli, we ate it. It was the best ginger bread house ever. And the house’s?walls and doors, windows and floor had lots and lots and lots and lots of candy and it was chocolate gingerbread. Yum.

Riding a Butterfly

In Costa Rica, butterflies used to come in the house but couldn’t find their way out – so I saved them! ?But here in Bali, they are way smarter. ?They can get all out by theirselves.

All our family is on butterflies! ?All of us are on separate butterflies, and Aysia is right next to mom. ?And mom is the one with the black dress. ?And Grandma Alli has the brown dress. ? I am in the red dress. ?And Emily is in a green dress. ?And dad has the yellow shirt and blue pants.

Here is a picture of me riding a butterfly, with all the other butterflies. ?It’s in a magical place. ?Grandma Alli took the photo! ?I feel a little scared when I ride butterflies, but it’s kind of fun.

If I had a butterfly, I would name it Andrea. ? What would you name your butterfly?