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My Art

I made some art, and I am going to show it to you!?I have a online teacher who teaches me how to do cool things, Like the rule of thirds, shading, and so many cool things. I used Procreate to draw these.Screenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.08.12 AMScreenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.02.54 AMScreenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.15.24 AM

The Bug Family

This is the bug family.

The caterpillar loves his?friend Elly the snail.

One time Elly ran away, and the next day they shouted out, “Elly!?” and they?found her. Then Miss Butterfly saw the dragonfly flying by. Then the butterfly flew up into the sky and went into space and she floated and crashed into the moon. Then monsters came and chased her all the way home.

The end.

Sunset Painting

Hi, this is my painting. It is a sunset. I made it all for you to share. I made it on the ipad. The sunset can be so pretty sometimes don’t you think?

The Tree Post

I made this tree picture on the iPad and the program is called Procreate. I am writing these letters by myself. I used different paint brushes.

I made 3 tree pictures. One had a shaded sun and I made one that ?looked like a totoro tree style and the other tree has bumps.

My Dot Picture

My dot picture is very colorful. I made this dot picture for you. And it’s all made out of dots, except the eyes and the mouth on the girl. The orange thing up in the sky is the sun. They’re all mixed with different colors.

The Girl in the Jungle

The girl is in the jungle. But there are three trees just to tell you. Because that purple and pink one is a tree, too. A tiny tree. The rainbow one is magic. The brown and green one is just normal. And the magic on the rainbow tree can make herself have legs and move. The girl has a light bulb, but it doesn’t look like a light bulb so I made it a design. And I was going to send it to an art guy on TV, but it didn’t work so I put it on my blog instead. Do you notice the frame? Look at it. It’s covering half of the sun. And I painted it red. And the spots on the girl’s dress are like cow spots but I didn’t have any black so I used blue instead.