My Art

I made some art, and I am going to show it to you!?I have a online teacher who teaches me how to do cool things, Like the rule of thirds, shading, and so many cool things. I used Procreate to draw these.Screenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.08.12 AMScreenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.02.54 AMScreenshot 2016-03-18 at 12.15.24 AM

My Trip To New York

I am in New York! In the night there is garbage everywhere like it’s garbage day, with garbage bags everywhere, and in the day there are?none at all! We are going to a homeschooling conference, and it will be amazing! I am so excited. On the plane to get here we sat in?the back of the plane, and I?have a fear of?planes,?so I was scared. I have rashes on my arms, and I?don’t know how I?got them, but we went to a pharmacy, and they gave us some cream, and they are getting much better! It is interesting because New York does not have as many sky scrapers as I thought there would be in are part of the town. Since it’s a?big city I?thought there would be more sky scrapers. And there are?so many people! It is amazing. I really miss all my friends and family though. 🙁 I am really excited?for Halloween this year, and Christmas!

New York is also very hot and it has tons of buildings! I didn’t take any pictures of it yet. Oh, and I?got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is?a Chrome OS, and it is different then a Mac Book Air, but I will get used to it! I miss everyone!

The end.


by Marie.



My Trip to… Sagrada Familia

I am in Spain, and I just went to Sagrada Familia. The windows were made of rainbow?glass! I loved it. It was so pretty. But we couldn’t go to the towers because Aysia wasn’t old enough to go. I found out I can’t eat wheat, or else my tummy will hurt. I miss pancakes, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. Here is a Picture of some of the windows. ?I took way more pictures than this. These are just 3 of them.

I took these pictures all by myself. 🙂 Sagrada Familia is a church. And its so beautiful! I love the windows, they’re so pretty. 😀 And one of the windows was covered in plastic. So it made it look like a crystal on the camera. I will show you the one with plastic.

Aysia’s new dress

Aysia, got a new dress?because?she got potty?trained? The dress looks like a pretty princess fairy and it’s just meant for her. She also has a pink headband to match it. Every time she went to the toilet she got?chocolate. She loved it so much, but when she didn’t go in the toilet , she had to take a bath. She didn’t like taking a bath.?Eventually she was potty trained, and she got her new dress! I am so happy that Aysia is potty trained, and we will never have to change her?diaper?again, yay!??Aysia is such a sweet girl. Just to let you know, Aysia changed her name to Gerda. The name Gerda comes from the Snow?Queen movie. The Snow Queen is funny, you should watch it sometime.

?I made this blog post all by myself.?Do you like how I made all of the words rainbow? I think it’s pretty, what about you? I will show you a picture of Aysia. Here it is, look down. 🙂

You will see me on my next blog post, bye. 🙂

I made this blog post a day after Easter. :)

My Short Cut

When you?touch the bottom of my hair, it?feels so soft. When I cut my hair, it made it look like my ears were?pointy.

I love my new haircut. Do you want to see a picture of it? I’ll show you it later which will be later in this blog post. Did any of you get a haircut on Monday?

I did.

I got my haircut on a date with my dad. It was fun. He got a hair cut too, but he didn’t like his?because it was too short. He could not make a pony

tail with it?anymore, so he was very sad. My haircut was really nice and now it is time for the………………………picture! Here is my picture:

Tada! Do you like it? I like it so much. Well I will see you on the next blog post. Bye.

Italy Post

Italy was so much fun. We saw the tower of Pisa. It was so fun! We even saw amazing churches. ?Sometimes I was so sweaty and sometimes I was cold in the hotel room. And some hotel roomes were really fancy. One was like a haunted house. We saw paintings that looked like they were 3d and looked like they were statues. The paintings were ?so cool.

We lit ?candles in a church. We saw a really big church and saw a lot of statues. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!

We also saw people covered in ash from a volcano, and a dead person as a mummy.

In Italy the gelato was really good and one time when I thought?Nutella?was Nutella ice cream but it was plain Nutella. I?didn’t?finish it?because?it made my?throat?sore?because?it was too sweet.

My New Haircut

This ?is my new haircut. My hair is so much easier to comb, and it is so

much cooler too. I love ?having a new haircut, and in the hair salon they

washed my hair too. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!

My New Stuffed Animal

She is so cute?and her name is Lena.?Lots of times, I let her sleep in my bed.?She is so soft and?cuddly.

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a?picture?of Lena

The Seed

I planted a seed with Mom and Emily. It was so much fun. I put the dirt in and Mom put the seeds in. We put it in the sunshine everyday, and watered it. But it still didn’t grow yet. Here’s a picture of the plant.

My Ginger Bread House

I was having so much fun making a ginger bread house with Grandma Alli. It was so much fun making it.

And after I made it with Grandma Alli, we ate it. It was the best ginger bread house ever. And the house’s?walls and doors, windows and floor had lots and lots and lots and lots of candy and it was chocolate gingerbread. Yum.